End of year stuff!

Alas, time is running out! I forgot to send out the secret santa notices today!  So we’re going to do a lucky dip santa.  There are 14 girls and 14 boys.  So if the girls buy a $5 boy present and the boys buy a $5 girl present then that works out perfect! Please pass this message on to your friends in Room 9!  We’ll open them up on Tuesday.
Also if you are a Year 6 can you complete the following and email me your responses? 
Best memory at RSS:
Future Goals & Aspirations:
In 2013 I will be:

Don’t forget to wear your best outfit on Monday!

The Misty Mountain

One of the best things about being a teacher is when you see children you teach, apply something you have exposed them to in a creative way. RSS is awesome like this!

This is a picture of the misty mountain (where Bilbo finds the magic ring in The Hobbit) that these girls created during lunch time. I loved how they made all of the passages that the book talks about. Well done girls!